Microsoft releases updates without carrier approval, brings mobile and desktop on par

Microsoft has demonstrated that Windows 10 Mobile can be updated without carrier approval. For the end user this means that updates are rolled out much faster than they do on rivalling mobile operating systems.



Previously updates for Windows 10 required approval from mobile operators, just like updates of Android. In practice this meant that some users received updates months after they were released. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that the company has stated that they continue to take feedback from mobile operators in account but that Microsoft ultimately decides when an update is released.

The first non-carrier-approved update has already been successfully rolled out two days ago. This update aligned the version number of Windows 10 for PCs and Windows 10 for Mobile to 102586.29. Both platforms are now running the same version and Microsoft is planning to release updates for both during its traditional Patch Tuesday.

Windows 10 should become one single converged operating system, as Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella once stated during a Microsoft event. The company hopes to move more than 1 billion devices to its latest operating system.


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