Microsoft Research releases synchronized slideshow application Xim

Microsoft Research today released a new application called Xim. With Xim users can share photo's with a group of people through a synchronized slideshow. The slideshow can be viewed without the app, Xim is only required to send the pictures.


In the app, an user can select up to 50 images at once and upload them to Microsoft's servers. The user then selects several contacts and the app sends an invitation link to them via SMS or e-mail. Through that link they can watch the slideshow in their browser. After a while the images are removed from Microsoft's servers again.

Xim is an application from Microsoft's Research department. By using Xim it's possible to look at pictures together without the need of sitting together around a single device.  All users which received an invitation can browse and zoom inside the slideshow and everything is synchronized across all devices.

Xim can be used on Windows Phone, Android and iOS and for now only available to users in the United States. Microsoft states the app will later be released to other countries as well.

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