Microsoft reveals Windows 10 Creators Update that focusses on 3D and gamers

Microsoft today made announcements about a new large update for Windows 10 during its October Event. The update was previously, and internally, known as Redstone 2, but after today it’s known as the Windows 10 Creators Update.



The update is scheduled for spring 2017 and focusses on 3D, gaming and adds several other smaller features.

Especially 3D is a  focus of the update. Several apps can now be used to design 3D objects. As previously known, Paint will support the creation of 3D objects. Today Microsoft revealed it will also be possible to print the designs with a 3D printer.

It will also be possible to make a 3D object using a Windows 10 smartphone through capturing. By moving the smartphone around the object various points are recorded. The smartphone uses these to render the entire 3D object. During the presentation of the feature, Microsoft showed how using a HP Elite X3 smartphone a sandcastle was converted to a 3D object. This should later become possible with all Windows 10 powered devices.


Paint will be totally revamped with the Creators Update, it will also be renamed to Paint 3D. The software makes it possible for users to import photos and through its ‘Magic Select’ feature they can completely remove a person from the photo. Microsoft also revealed a community where users can share 3D objects called Remix 3D. Through the community it’s possible to print 3D objects through an online 3D print service. Paint 3D also support files from the Google’s popular online 3D community Sketchup. The community is already online but can only be accessed by users from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Also Powerpoint gets support for 3D, it becomes possible to add 3D objects from the Remix 3D community or 3D objects made with Paint 3D. Also 3D animations can be added to presentations.

Microsoft’s augmented reality device HoloLens can also be used to retrieve 3D objects from the community. By selecting objects in HoloLens it’s possible to place them in the room where you are. A new feature in HoloLens is called HoloTour. This allows users to ‘teleport’ themselves to any place in the world. The feature requires a 360 movie of the location.


The Creators Update also adds several features targeted at gamers. A feature Microsoft calls ‘Beam’  allows gamers to stream their gameplay to others  The streaming feature is native to Windows 10 and works with all games that support streaming technology.

The Xbox console will get support Dolby Atmos with the Creators Update and Xbox Live will get an Arena feature that allows users to setup tournaments.

With the Creators Update, Microsoft tries to make it easier to connect to contacts in the addressbook. E.g. it will be possible to drag a picture of a person to a mail application which will then recognize that person and add it as a the recipient. From the desktop it will also be possible to share other files like photos with others.

Microsoft also announced it will add a special ‘Share Charm to Windows 10 that resides in the bottom-right of the taskbar.

The company will also bundle all communication possibilities it offers in Windows 10. Through a special hub all communication between you and other persons can be viewed in a single app. SMS messages, mails and Skype messenger are all bundled together based on the name of the contact. This should make it easier to find messages and conversations.

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