Microsoft shows popup in Windows 10 to advertise its shopping extension to Chrome users

Microsoft has started to advertise its Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) extension for Chrome to Windows 10 users. Users of Microsoft's latest operating system now receive a small notification above the Chrome icon stating, "Quickly compare prices online. Get Microsoft's Personal Shopping Assistant for Chrome".

Previously Microsoft mainly focussed on convincing Chrome users to switch to Edge. It appears that this has been unsuccessful and the software giant now hopes to convince Chrome users to at least use an extension developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft's Personal Shopping Assistant is an extension available for Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox. The extension is able to organize visited product pages, favorite products, notify users on price changes and compare products across sellers. It's currently installed by nearly 11,500 users.

In the review section of the extension, in the Chrome Web Store, some users complain about the way Microsoft advertises the extension. An user writes, "Installed this so I could leave this review. I'm uninstalling it right after. Microsoft Windows 10 popped up a notification when I launched Chrome tonight, telling me I should install this extension. Basically, they forced a popup ad into my Windows experience, and interfered with my use of my computer to push this waste of time onto me. They should be banned from the Chrome store because of this."

Thanks for the heads up and screenshot Séan!

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