Microsoft signs agreement with NATO to provide access to Windows source code

Microsoft and NATO today announced they signed an agreement that provides access to the source code of Microsoft products. The American company will also share information about vulnerabilities and threats with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


The agreement is part of the Government Security Program that Microsoft started in 2003.  A total number of participants of 44 different agencies from 26 governments and organizations worldwide are part of that program now. Besides NATO this also includes the European Union of which most members are also part of NATO.

According to Microsoft the participants of the program get the possibility to gain more access to Microsoft’s software and can it help to switch to new operating systems like Windows 10.

“NATO is facing new and increasingly dangerous threats to cybersecurity across the world and these threats could affect national economies and citizens. To avoid it, NCI Agency strongly believes in rapid and early information sharing on threats and vulnerabilities with leader companies worldwide, such as Microsoft. Trust is the key to success,” said Koen Gijsbers, NCI Agency General Manager.