Microsoft voices displeasure on Samsung’s disabling of Windows Updates

Microsoft has voiced its displeasure on Samsung’s disabling of Windows Update which causes users to no longer receive security patches automatically. Recently Microsoft MVP Patrick Barker discovered that Samsung’s software automatically changes the installation of Windows updates, so users have to manually change a setting to download and install them.

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Samsung told Barker that this is done to prevent any possible issues with drivers. Not only security experts were critical, also Microsoft is unhappy with the modification and argues that Windows Update is an important component of Windows to protect users.

“Inhibiting Windows Update from doing its job is obviously the wrong way to go about ensuring your Windows machines function as intended. Samsung should be working with Microsoft, not against it”, according to a Microsoft spokesman against Venturebeat. The company also states it’s working with Samsung to resolve the issue.

Samsung in its turn has released a statement saying that it doesn’t block a Windows 8.1 system update and that it offers users the choice to perform Windows updates when they want. Barker is amazed by Samsung’s statement because he has never said that the electronics giant blocks a certain update for Windows 8.1, only that Samsung blocks the automatic installation of Windows updates.

Users can change the setting but after a reboot, the Samsung software will change the setting back and prevents automatic Windows updates again.