Microsoft working on free Windows 8.1 version

Microsoft is currently experimenting with a free version of Windows 8.1. The Windows 8.1. Bing Edition was revealed in screenshots from Russian hacker group WZOR and now appears to be an experiment from Microsoft to provide Windows 8.1 for free.


Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley reports that her contacts have told her that this would  be a pretty much regular version of Windows 8.1, as she writes, “I hear this SKU has only minor differences from the current Windows 8.1 SKUs, but that it may be a kind of placeholder for the future when consumer operating systems are, basically, free.”  She also reports that besides Windows for the desktop, also Windows Phone mightget a free version.

In order to provide Windows for free, just like Android, Microsoft will have to find other ways to make money from Windows. Earlier we reported that the company dropped the license fee for Windows for devices below $250.