Mitsubishi rolls out 3DTV adapter and 3D starter kit

As promised during CES earlier this year, Mitsubishi has started shipping its 3DA-1 adapter that will give older DLP-based TVs 3D support.

The box is very simple with just an HDMI input and output, along with an IR emitter.  Interested Mitsubishi HDTV owners will have to use 3D glasses.  It is available for just $99.

This appears to be the only reliable way to use a Sony PlayStation 3 or a 3D capable Blu-ray player to play 3D video on older Mitsubishi TV models.  For consumers not ready to purchase a new TV, this may be a good solution for a few months.

The company will also release a 3D Starter Pack next month that includes two pairs of active shutter 3D glasses, the 3DA-1 adapter with remote, a 3D emitter (3DC-1000) and a Disney 3D Blu-ray movie — for $399. The 3D starter pack will ship with select premiere Mitsubishi models.

I believe this is a relatively cheeky move by Mitsubishi, especially since the company is well known for its larger-screen DLP models from years past.  As Sony, Samsung, Vizio, and other companies move forward with HDTVs and 3D, Mitsubishi has been relatively quiet.  The company has seen the popularity of 3D in theaters, and wants to give its home entertainment division a boost – and plans to continue expanding its 3D products.

The 3D market is developing but still has lingering questions, including standards for 3DTVs and 3D glasses, along with the industry maturing at a rapid pace.  There are also some problems with a lack of 3D content available to consumers. Even so, I wonder if Samsung and other TV makers will release similar products to rival the Mitsubishi 3DA-1.