Mozilla moves away from releasing a new Firefox version every 6 weeks

Mozilla will change its current update cycle where it releases a new version of Firefox every six weeks. Instead the browser developer will take some additional time to finish a new release. The browser developer announced the change today on their website.


Four years ago Mozilla decided to release a new version of the Firefox browser every six weeks so it could release new updates and features faster to end users. According to the browser developer there was some room for improvement and therefore they decided to change the cyclus. Instead of an update every six weeks, the number of weeks between updates will vary between six and eight.

With the new release cycle the company will now be able, "to adjust release dates to respond to emerging user and market needs and provide at least six working weeks for every release."

Despite the new release cycle Mozilla still aims to release the same number of new Firefox versions a year. The next Firefox version will be 45 which is scheduled for the 8th of March.

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