Myce SSD Price Index July 2015 – Crucial, Kingston and Samsung compete for lowest price per GB

This quarter’s Myce SSD Price Index shows that the overall price per GB has dropped again and that Kingston, Crucial and Samsung continue to compete for the lowest cost per GB. In March we reported an average price increase, likely because prices previously went down due to the holiday season.

Although SSD prices have remained relatively stable the last 6 months, there is slight trend downwards.


Where in previous months mainly Kingston, Crucial and Samsung competed for the lowest price per GB, this quarter they are joined by Toshiba. For the first time a Toshiba drive is in the green area indicating the Toshiba Q series Pro has a price per GB lower than $0.50.

We’ve started with our SSD Price Index in March 2014 and can conclude that Kingston, Crucial and Samsung are the least expensive brands. They are followed by OCZ and Intel of which some drives make it to the orange zone. All other brands are usually more expensive and in the grey zone.

Since the last index we’ve also added a new column in which we’ve listed Amazon’s most popular drives. Just like in our last index this is dominated by Crucial. This brand remains good value for money. This quarter the Crucial M550 series is an exception and somehow saw a large price increase compared to the last index.

The OCZ Vertex 450 remains one of the most expensive drives, the price per GB of the 256GB model is nearly 5x more than the cheapest drive in our index, the similar capacity Kingston SSDNow 240.

The Seagate 600 480GB model appears to have disappeared from Amazon. We also couldn’t find the drive on the website of other major American retailers.

Below is an overview of all our Myce SSD Price Indexes so far.