Netflix dominates net streaming in North America

Though it has been commonly known that Netflix takes a large part of the bandwidth used in the US and Canada, the figures are astonishing these days.  Netflix is responsible for very nearly 1/3 of all network traffic on a typical weekday night.  That is more than Bittorrent and all the other video streaming services combined.  With more than 36 million subscribers, Netflix serves up 4 billion hours of entertainment every quarter, delivered to over a thousand different types of devices.

And recently, Netflix has become a content producer.  Their series, House of Cards, was both a commercial and critical success.  But Netflix will live and die by the content that they can provide and recently they have lost more movies, as Warner Brothers ended an agreement to have over 1800 of their titles distributed by Netflix.  Finding new content, and forging new alliances with the studios may become critical for the streaming giant of the internet.

Bloomberg Business Week has a very fine article detailing Netflix’s current position and how they got there.  Recommended reading!