Netflix hits Brazil, more Latin American countries to follow soon

Netflix has officially started its Latin American invasion. The instant streaming service is now available in Brazil, with more countries slated to gain access in the next week.

Part of a planned worldwide expansion that some believe will reach Europe early next year, Netflix hopes to recreate its past successes in the southern hemisphere. The company boasts around 25 million subscribers across the U.S. and Canada. But will Latin Americans get on board despite recent negative press?


Though Brazil can claim some early bragging rights, neighboring countries won’t need to wait long. Netflix explained that the phased roll-out will ramp up quickly. By September 12th, the company believes 43 Latin American and Caribbean countries will be covered.

“We are excited to be bringing Netflix to Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO. “People throughout the region are online in ever-greater numbers and they love movies and TV shows. We are proud to bring them the Netflix experience of instantly enjoying as many movies and TV shows as they want, when they want for one low price.”


In the coming days, residents of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador will be able to log-in for a free 1-month trial. Next Monday, the expansion culminates with Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America receiving service.

Pricing will resemble Netflix’s well-known streaming subscription model – $7.99/month – in countries that use the U.S. dollar.

New customers in the region will seemingly be unaffected by the company’s recent price hike, though they could soon be affected by the end of contract renewal talks between Netflix and content provider Starz. Pending a new discussion between the two, all Starz content will desaparecer from the site next February.


Netflix confirmed its plans for a Latin American service in July, though was light on details. Insiders have claimed both Spain and Britain will receive their own version of Netflix in 2012, paving the way for other European countries.

Do you live in one of the 43 Latin American and Caribbean countries soon receiving Netflix? Let us know if you’re signing up in the comment section.

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