OCZ unveils new PCI-Express and portable device SSDs

During the Computex trade show in Taipei, tech company OCZ unveiled several new solid state drive storage units aimed at gamers and portable users.

The OCZ RevoDrive SSD is a PCI-Express unit with 540MB/s read and 530MB/s write speeds, and is designed for gaming and performance use.  It’s marketed towards gamers and users who watch and edit videos while seeking extremely fast read and write times from their storage devices.

OCZ hasn’t released storage specifications and pricing information for the upcoming drive.

Also announced were the Onyx II SSD and Vertex 2 SSD drives, which are 1.8-inch units designed for netbooks, tablets, and other portable devices.  The drives are based on SATA 3Gb/s technology and will have support for the integrated Microsoft Windows 7 support — trim support increases the lifespan of SSDs by minimizing data deletion on the drive.

Trim also reduces the number of merge operations that take place on the SSD, which also helps increase SSD lifespan.

OCZ also didn’t release storage specs and pricing information for the Onyx II or the Vertex 2.

Even though traditional HDD manufacturers continue to release new HDD drives, companies such as OCZ and Kingston believe the SSD market is the ideal market to target. OCZ, known for its memory units, has expanded to gaming peripherals, flash media, power supplies, and SSDs.

OCZ broke the sub-$100 SSD barrier earlier in the year, when it announced its 2.5-inch, 32GB SATA II SSD drive.  More recently, OCZ launched a new line of portable USB 3.0 SSDs that offer fast read and write speeds coupled with increased portability.