Outdated floppy disks major sales hit for American entrepreneur

Although floppy disks are replaced by many other storage mediums, they still sell like hotcakes. The owner of online webstore floppydisks.com still sells a lot of them and wishes he had more in stock. He currently sells floppies that come from a last batch of a floppy disk manufacturer.


Unfortunately for the owner of the store, Tom Persky, he has almost sold the last floppies of this batch. In 2010 he bought a million 3.5″ floppies and around the world there still exist batches of Imation and Sony diskettes. Despite the fact that floppies are hardly used anymore in the modern world, there’s still a market for them.

When Persky bought his stock he was afraid too have invested too much in the dying technology, but after years of good sales he dares to differ. “Looking back, I wish I had poured my life savings into it.” He invested in half a million 5.25″ disks, although he now sees that as too many. The million 3.5″ disks he bought, which have proven more desired, now seems like too few.

Meanwhile Persky has introduced a new business model to be able to continue to sell floppies by wiping them and selling them again. In a year time he collected more than 100,000 to use again.

The floppy disks are still used by old machines, ATMs, aviation hardware and in computers in a U.S. Air Force nuclear silo. They are considered to be reliable and well tested.