PS3 Slim 250GB unit available next month

Sony confirmed rumors of a 250GB PlayStation 3 “Slim” model that will launch in North America on Nov. 3, after months of rumors of a Slim model with a larger capacity would be released.

The hardware in the 250GB Slim model will be the same as the 120GB model, which is $50 cheaper than the 350GB.  The Japanese electronics maker hopes the additional storage space will allow owners to store more downloaded video games, music, photos and movies.

The 250GB PS3 Slim will debut at the start of next month for $349.  Sony’s announcement truly isn’t surprising, as Sony announced a 250GB model would become available with the release of Final Fantasy XIII.
free-playstation3Sony will continue selling the bulkier PS3 models — with 80GB or 160GB storage capacities — and wants to have as many appealing options as possible for consumers.

Sony is clearly attempting to gear up for what could be a rejuvenated 2009 holiday shopping season, with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo each trying to woo potential customers.  I’m looking forward to seeing the sales numbers after Christmas this year, as it appears consumers are more willing to spend money in the coming months.

The PS3 has trailed the Xbox 360 and Wii game consoles, though hopes to catch up with lower console sales.

Video game sales have been extremely flat the past six months — and very little has been available to change that trend — but each console manufacturer hopes lower-priced game consoles and accessories will be appealing.