Report: Movie pirates happy to spend money on content, music pirates not

People who download illegal movies don’t mind paying for movies and going to movie theaters. Pirated movie downloaders also differ from downloaders of illegal music, report researchers of the English Portsmouth Business School. The researchers have released a report comparing music and movie pirates.

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Downloaders of pirated music spend less money on music than movie pirates spent on movies. Downloaders of pirated movies are often richer than downloaders of music, live more often in urban areas and are more likely male. They are also less worried about being caught than downloaders of pirated music and are more susceptible to changing their download behaviour if they feel that it adversely affects the film industry, according to the report.

The researchers think the differences are mainly due to the fact that downloading movies requires faster internet connections and is technologically more demanding than downloading music.

The research was done under six thousand Finnish participants from seven to 84 years. The average participant in the study had downloaded about 2,900 music files and 90 films.