Return of Aero Glass Theme most requested feature for Windows 10

Windows 10 users have voted the return of the Aero Glass Theme as the most requested feature for Microsoft's upcoming operating system. The theme uses transparency effects and animations and was first introduced in Windows Vista. In Windows 7 Microsoft introduced many refinements to Aero Glass, in Windows 8 the theme was removed although it was possible for a while to enable it in a Windows 8 Preview build.

With the release of Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft also introduced the Windows Insider Program. This allowed users interested in testing the OS to provide feedback to Microsoft. Besides the telemetry the company gathers from actual usage, Microsoft also asks users to post their feedback and suggestions. On the Windows Feature Suggestions page the user suggestions are listed and the return of the Aero Glass Theme is far on top with more than 40,000 votes.

The creator of the suggestion writes, " I understand you've made concessions with Windows Aero (lite) we'll call it to allow for better battery life on portable devices; Microsoft is forgetting that over 250 million (75 million of them on Steam alone) are using Gaming PCs capable of driving more GPU and RAM hungry OS shells like Aero Glass. Please allow us to have the choice to use the Aero Glass you so kindly provided in Windows 8 Developer preview and took from us in RTM."

The remark targeted to hardware is because transparency and animations used in Aero Glass require appropriate hardware. On Windows Vista and Windows 7 the theme was therefore only available to users who had sufficient hardware to render the transparent window effects and animations. It was also possible to turn specific effects on and off to improve performance.

Despite the large amount of votes for the return of Aero Glass, Microsoft hasn't responded to the suggestion yet. However, the company does appear to listen to posted suggestions. The request for the return of Aero Glass isn't actually the top request but only the top one from users worldwide. Persian speaking people (mainly Iranians) cover the first two top suggestions. They request access to Windows Store and the addition of a Persian calendar to Windows 10. The latter has now been added by Microsoft.

Microsoft will announce more information on Windows 10 later this month, the actual release of the operating system is expected in autumn this year.

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