Ridata announces availability of DVD recordables that last 1000 years

Ritek USA today announced the availability of M-Disc DVD recordable discs which, according to the company, should last 1000 years. The discs are produced using technology of Millenniata and should be able to resist extreme conditions.  The video below shows how the DVD recordable is put in boiling water, put in dry ice and then baked in a lasagna, while it remains readable.

According to the company the data is etched in a rock-like recording material instead of an organic dye such as on traditional CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. The discs have been tested by the U.S. Department of Defense and tests concluded that they should last for centuries. The discs costs around $3 a piece and have another drawback, they can only be written by M-Disc compatible writers.

The M-disc writers are different from regular DVD writers because they are designed to make permanent physical changes (etching) to the rock-like data layer of the M-Disc. Companies like LG, Dell and Acer offer M-Disc compatible drives. Reading of M-Discs should be possible with most existing drives.

The company also hopes to release a Blu-ray recordables in the first quarter of this year.