Ritek announces 100GB BDXL Blu-ray recordables

Taiwanese optical disc manufacturer Ritek has announced that it will showcase BDXL Blu-ray recordables on Computex, the large technology exhibition held from the 5th  till the 9th of June. These multi-layer discs have a capacity of 100 GB and Blu-ray burners need to support writing to the format, such as the recently announced Pioneer BDR-2207 BDXL Quad-layer Blu-ray writer.

Ritek also announced that it will  showcase  high-speed memory cards, such as 800X CF , UHS-1 SDXC,  pen drives and a portable hard drive with a USB3.0 connection. And they are also into green technology, underlined by the display of a energy-efficient LED panel  light and a flexible solarmodule. Ritek’s subsidary RiTdisplay whill show its AMOLED.