Rumor: Apple iPod Touch with 5MP camera in development

The next generation of the Apple iPod Touch device reportedly will be aimed at teenagers and younger users, with a better camera and video recording features included.

According to UK sources, the new device will be similar to the iPhone 4, and will use a 5-megapixel camera with a flash, high-definition video recording ability, and the use of a gyroscope and accelerometer.

The statements were made by Rob Hennessy, telecom and audio buyer for popular UK retailer John Lewis, though the company later clarified Hennessy’s statements as speculation.

There are unconfirmed reports circulating that several accessory manufacturers have products in the works designed for the new iPod Touch device that includes an LCD screen and an outside viewing panel.  Both designs also include a slot that gives owners the ability to use a forward-facing camera.

The forward-facing camera will make it even easier for people to snap pictures and record video, and then share it online.  Furthermore, it also supports the iPhone 4’s FaceTime calling feature, which makes it simple and easy for two people to have video-based communication.  Using an accelerometer and gyroscope will increase the iPod Touch’s gaming ability, as Apple continues to promote both the iPod Touch and iPhone as multimedia devices able to handle a variety of uses.

I’ve always thought the iPod Touch was a slick device, and think the addition of a forward-facing camera and FaceTime could be beneficial.  FaceTime runs on Wi-Fi and doesn’t require a data connection, which could makes it a perfect fit to include in a new iPod Touch.

John Lewis is a major retailer in the UK, and there have been rumors for awhile regarding a new camera, but I’m more willing to believe this latest round of rumors due to the source.