RunCore announces Rocket Air SSD for MackBook & Ultrabooks

RunCore, a company well known for rugged and specialist SSD products has announced its Rocket Air SSD, an ultra thin consumer range for Ultrabooks and the MacBook Air. These SSDs feature an SATA3 interface and Tier 1 Toggle Synchronous NAND are capable of delivering over 500MB/s read performance, making them a significant upgrade over an factory-supplied SSD.

Based on an AS SSD benchmark of the 256GB model, they achieve about 507MB/s read and 309MB/s write sequentially and random 4K 64-thread throughput of 211MB/s (~54000 IOPS) read and 239.53MB/s (~61000 IOPS) write. The SSDs also include 128-bit AES data encryption, 55-bits per 512-byte sector of ECC, TRIM support and dynamic/static wear-levelling.

Further info including pictures and an AS SSD screenshot can be found in its press release.