Samsung claims quantum dot TVs beat OLED - sees no future for OLED

For Samsung there is no future in OLED TVs because the technology sees hardly an improvements, Samsung told the Korea Herald. Samsung's chief of TVs Kim Hyun-seok reaffirmed  that the company has no immediate plan to produce organic light-emitting diode TVs, "I have always said it would take two to three years to consider OLED TV. But now when little progress has been made on its tricky production and high costs since our suspension back in 2013, I wouldn’t say OLED is our future direction."lg-quantum-dot-tv-2-1500x1000

OLED ensures more accurate and vibrant picture quality compared to conventional LCD displays. While smartphones and other smaller devices are increasingly fitted with OLED displays, its TV adoption has been delayed due to the higher costs of production and lower manufacturing yields of the larger panels.

While the company will not make investments in large OLED panels, Samsung is still hoping for another technology to take off.  This year it will globally launch quantum dots TVs  of which Samsung claims it outpaces current OLED TVs in terms of picture quality and brightness, even though it is still disputable which display is the better display technology.

Currently only LG still believes in OLED TVs, while they've become cheaper they are still relatively expensive.

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