Samsung now mass producing 3DTVs

Samsung has announced several models in its 3DTV lineup have entered mass production, an important step in getting the devices out to the consumer market.

The number one TV maker based on shipments is now producing both LED and LCD 3DTVs in 2010, with model sizes including 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch TV units.

It plans to sell 35 million LCD TVs, but the overall number of 3DTVs sold is expected to remain a small portion of revenue earnings.  Samsung is poised to become the first manufacturer to begin mass production, but will have plenty of competition soon.

All of the new TVs will require viewers to wear 3D active glasses to enjoy 3D content — a little detail many earlier adopters have to deal with.  Even with designer 3D glasses being developed for consumers with deeper pockets, surveys indicate most consumers would rather not wear glasses at all.


Panasonic, Sony, LG, NEC and other companies see 3DTVs as a new revenue stream that will gain traction over the next three years.  The success of Avatar and other recent 3D movies has greatly helped propel 3D to the forefront in global media. 

If consumers never fully adopt 3D content in the living room, however, each company will likely lose millions in wasted research and development time.  I’ve heard some movie goers mention that “just because I have a pleasant viewing experience of a 3D movie in theaters, doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to have the same experience at home”.

The amount of 3D content and 3D networks must increase as more TVs are sold, which will affect consumer decisions on whether or not to upgrade to a new 3D TV.