Samsung’s Smart TV platform Smart Hub down – suffers from worldwide internet outage

Samsung Smart TV owners all over the globe report their Smart TV functionality isn’t working. The Samsung SmartHub software reports it is unable to connect to the internet. Owners report they are connected to their (wireless) network but the TV continues to report it has no internet connection. Currently also Sony’s Bravia Smart TV platform is down.

Just in: Smart TV mayhem for Sony and Samsung users after central servers go down


samsung-55-inch-super-oled-smart-tvSo far we’ve been able to confirm the Smart Hub is down in Argentina, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, the United States and Germany. The number of affected countries gives us the impression the entire world is affected by the issue.

Smart Hub down without clear error message

The issue is especially annoying because the TV doesn’t provide users with a proper error message. The TV reports there is something wrong with the internet connection resulting in many users starting to fiddle with their internet settings and/or calling their ISP.



Samsung’s Smart TV platform seems to be down for hours already. Another major outage in April last year was caused by a fire in a Samsung datacenter and also affected Samsung smartphones. From that incident we already learned that all TVs connect to a Samsung server and when that is down, the Samsung Smart TV platform is also down for all users. In this case some users report that the TV indeed fails to connect to a Samsung server, allegedly due to a Domain Name Server (DNS) failure.

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Update: Samsung’s Twitter Support continues to deny there is an issue while more and more users complain. The issue has now been going on for hours and users are unable to use their Smart TV.

Update 2: User Flavio Torres has posted a dump indicating there is a DNS issue indeed.

Update 3: Also Sony’s Smart TV Platform is down

Update 4: In contrary to Sony, Samsung still denies there is an issue

Update 5: Samsung Netherlands has confirmed the issue and reports there is an outage for ‘D’ and ‘E’ Samsung Smart TVs models in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The same issue likely affects users worldwide.

Update 6: Samsung Belgium reports: “the problem was caused during a Smart Hub Server Update; the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) reference was accidently changed.1/2.”
Unfortunately that doesn’t explain the outage for the rest of the world.

Update 7: Samsung Denmark reports: ” Right now it seems that H- and F-series are up and running, while D and E are still being worked on”

Update 8: We’ve posted two methods that should get your Smart TV functionality up and running again, at least for now.

Update 9: The outage appears to be resolving now. More and more users are reporting their Smart TV works as intended. There still has not been an official statement from Samsung on the cause of the outage.

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