Skype for iOS and Android’s new ‘fresh and colorful design’ frustrates users

The new design of the mobile version of Skype, which Microsoft introduced last month for iOS and Android, is heavily criticized by users. The idea was to make Skype fresher, younger and trendier but many users are far from happy with the change and post their complaints online.

The new Skype app design was announced and released last month but many users have still not getting used to it. Both the reviews are in Apple Appstore as those in Google’s Play Store are negative about the new user interface. Also on Twitter users voice their opinion on the new design.

Users describe the new design of the app as horrible, messy, busy, chaotic, cluttered, ugly and disappointing.

The update appears to be based on popular other social media apps.

“Similar to Snapchat, Skype now has three basic sections – ‘find’, ‘chat’ and ‘capture’. Find helps you find not just people but GIFs and the like, chat is the Skype you know but multi-colour yawnified, and capture sneaks in the best of Qik (remember that?),” Chris Merriman of The Inquirer writes.

“A new Highlights feature also borrows heavily from Snapchat, just as Whatsapp did with its last tweak, with reactions to photo and video much like Facebook Live,” he added.

“We want to help you deepen connections within your personal network. There’s only one of you in this world, so now you can show-off your personal style by customizing Skype with your favorite colours. When in a conversation, you should always make sure your voice is heard, or more specifically, your emoticon is seen,” according to the Skype team when it introduced the new version of Skype on their blog.

Users hope that Skype will introduce a setting that allows them to get back to the previous interface. Windows and Mac will get the ‘next generation of Skype’ in the coming months.