Slysoft removes Cinavia signal from Blu-ray movies with AnyDVD HD and CloneBD combination

Slysoft is currently testing a combination of AnyDVD HD and CloneBD that removes the Cinavia Blu-ray audio watermark copy protection from the audio track of Blu-ray movies. Previously AnyDVD was only able to trick the Cinavia detection routines in supported Blu-ray playback software.

By enabling the Cinavia fix in AnyDVD HD and using CloneBD to convert a movie, the Cinavia signal is now actually removed from the movie instead of suppressed. Because the signal is now really removed, the movie can be played on any hardware and software Blu-ray player without Cinavia showing a pop-up and muting the sound.

In order to remove the Cinavia signal, CloneBD has to modify the audio and therefore requires the option”convert HD Audio to AC3″ to be enabled. When the audio is processed, the AnyDVD fox trayicon will turn purple, similar to the PowerDVD and ArcSoft TMT Cinavia fix in previous AnyDVD versions. The Cinavia fix for CloneBD is disabled by default.



We’ve tested the combination of AnyDVD and CloneBD and can confirm that the feature really removes the Cinavia signal from Blu-ray movies. However, as expected, the sound quality of the movie is affected, a comparison of the original soundtrack and the Cinavia fixed soundtrack can be found here (actual .ac3 file, use “save as” to download), below is a MP3 version of the file.

In the audio file you hear 3 times the original sound, then a silence and then the CloneBD/AnyDVD processed file.


The Cinavia Blu-ray copy protection adds a watermark to the audio tracks of Blu-ray movies and should prevent discs from being copied. Also movies in the cinema are often protected by Cinavia where it should prevent users from recording the movie to make it available on pirate sites. When the Cinavia detector of Blu-ray hardware and software players notices the movie isn’t played from the original source, it mutes the sound and displays a notice after a set time. More information can be found in our article: Ultimate Cinavia Guide: the protection that refuses to be silenced.

Previous versions of AnyDVD were able to trick the Cinavia detection routines of Blu-ray playback software like such as ArcSoft TMT, PowerDVD and Nero Blu-ray Player. The new fix makes it possible to playback copies of Cinavia protected Blu-ray movies on any software and hardware player.

Previously only CinEx HD was able to make copies of Cinavia protected Blu-ray movies that could be played back on any Blu-ray player. In order to end up with a Cinavia free audio track the software requires the download of database specific to the movie. The combination of AnyDVD HD and CloneBD doesn’t require any additional download.


If you want to try the software yourself, then download it here.

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