Sony adds 320 kbps AAC support to Music Unlimited service

Sony has added high quality audio streams to its Music Unlimited service. Subscribers to the service are now able to stream music in 320 kbps AAC high fidelity audio. In able to make use of it, users have to enable the option in the settings menu. By adding the option for 320 kbps AAC the service now offers the same quality streams as Spotify.


Spotify streams 320 kbps music for paid accounts, free users get 160 kbps. Only Spotify and Music Unlimited now feature these high quality stream, competing services like Rhapsody and Last FM offer streams of up to 192 kpbs. Music Unlimited offers more than 18 million tracks and the high quality streams are for now available on  Android smartphones and tablets, the Playstation 3 and PCs. It's likely that Sony will add support for more devices later.

Sony offers a free 14 day trial, after that the service is $4.99 for streaming to the PC, Mac and Playstation 3. For $9.99 also portable and home entertainment devices are supported.

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