Sony ceases development of OLED TVs in favor of 4K

Sony has reassigned people working on OLED TVs to the development of 4K / UltraHD TVs.  The Japanese technology giant doesn’t see real demand for OLED TVs the coming years. Instead the focus on 4K TV sets should help Sony making their TV business profitable again. Previously Sony worked with its Japanese partner Panasonic on the development of OLED TVs. At the end of 2013 the companies announced they ended the partnership.


Currently Sony has a 20% market share  in the 4K TV market and the company sees room for increasing that number. The company will make eight new 4K TVs available this summer, which is about 50% of its entire large screen TV line-up.  The TVs are usually priced higher than HD TVs and therefore have a more attractive profit margin.

OLED technology should have revolutionized TVs with improved response times, better power efficiency, thinner, lightweight and flexible panels that should in the end be cheaper to produce. Instead Sony will now focus on 4K technology which should increase the picture quality and provide more vibrant colors, especially on large displays.

Previously Samsung announced it paused the development of OLED TVs, and so far only LG seems to be the last major player to continue development of the technology.