Super Talent unveils SandForce SSD products

Super Talent has unveiled the TeraDrive FT2 solid-state drive, a new line of SandForce-powered devices designed for higher workloads.

The TeraDrive FT2 is a SATA 3Gbps SSD using the SandForce SF-1500 high-speed controller. The new series will contain five different products.  Three of the SSDs are the cheaper, less durable multi-level cell (MLC) versions, while the remaining two use the single-level cell (SLC) platform that lasts longer.

The three MLC drives have 50GB, 100GB, and 200GB storage capacities, with the SLC drive available only in 50GB and 100GB capacities.


“Super Talent has a solid track record of developing leading edge SSDs,” said Thad Omura, SandForce VP of marketing, in a statement.  “Their new TeraDrives series, incorporating SandForce technology, is an impressive advance in enterprise storage.”

Price and availability of the new drives were not published by either company.

It will still be some time before SSDs overcome traditional hard drives, but there was a high level of interest in SSD products during CES 2010, including multiple notebooks that now contain the storage technology. One unique SSD product shown off at CES was ioSafe’s external SSD designed to withstand extreme abuse.

Now that Seagate has finally entered the SSD market, and OEMs continue to roll out more portable devices with SSD, 2010 could be a big year for the storage platform.