TDMore released with H.265 and iPhone 6 support

Just before the weeked, TDMore released version of their video copy software. This version supports conversion to H.265 video, has iPhone 6 support added and the Blu-ray tools should work without being connected to the internet.


HEVC / H.265 is the successor of MPEG-AVC / H.264 and should provide the same quality of video while using 50% of the storage capacity. The standard can support video up to 8K Ultra HD and also Ultra HD Blu-ray discs will use the video standard. TDMore claims that in their tests the H.265 encoded video did indeed reduce the output video size up to 50%.

To improve the user experience, TDMore Software now also allows to work offline meaning that you can use TDMore DVD product and parts of the Blu-ray products without being connected to the internet. To start working with a new Blu-ray disc, an internet connection is still required.

The last change TDMore mentions about version is the addition of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus video conversion support. This allows you to convert a DVD or Blu-ray disc to a video format the iPhone 6 supports.

The software is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and a free trial can be downloaded from the TDMore website. To make it even more attractive to the purchase the software, TDMore offers a discount 25% to Myce readers on all products with coupon code: TDM-SPUG-MYC (valid till 1st of November).

Once you’ve tried and/or purchased the software, we invite you to post your experience to make a chance to win one of the prizes provided by TDMore.

TDmore makes available the following prizes:

  • 1x first prize – iPad Mini or $300 Amazon gift card
  • 10x second prize – $20 Amazon gift card

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