Torrent and Usenet site owners to face 6 years in jail in Spain

In an effort to stay of a list of countries that violate copyrights most, Spain approved a law that allows jailing owners of pirate sites up to 6 years. The country wants to stay of the mentioned list to avoid trade sanctions from the United States.


The law that enables the six years jail time will only affects pirate site owners that try to make money from their website. According to the Spanish government either direct or indirect.  That means it will affect e.g. Torrent and Usenet sites that make money from selling subscriptions, but also those who make money from advertising or offer adware for download to generate revenues.

Until now the Spanish authorities only prosecuted pirates that copied and distributed copyrighted content which results in the country ending up on a list with countries that violate copyrights most. Last year Spain was removed from the list but in fear of getting back on the list it decided it had to take new meatures.  The prospect of lengthy prison time should scare current pirate site owners and those who plan to start one.