Twitter accounts hacked

Twitter accounts have been hacked en masse and had their details stolen according to Twitter’s Security Director Bob Lord.


The latest in a series of prominent security scandals relating to mass security breaches involving Java vulnerabilities sees more than a quarter of a million Twitter users affected, with data including usernames and email addresses being compromised according to Twitter.

In an attempt to remedy the situation Twitter has invalidated passwords for all the affected accounts (that they are aware of) and emailed users with details regarding the incident.

Concerns have been raised regarding this method of contacting customers which leaves the door open to potential phishing spammers who will no doubt launch a wave of unofficial phishing attacks in attempt to exploit the incident and seek to further compromise users.


Myce therefore recommends that all Twitter users should be particularly careful over the next few weeks regarding official looking emails as any of these could be potentially fraudulent. We’d recommend that users should try and log on to their Twitter accounts in the normal way to see if they’ve been affected rather than clicking on any hyperlinks in emails.

Affected users will have to reset their passwords and if anyone here has had their account hacked we’d be interested to hear from you, so please let us know.

Twitter’s official blog details the incident further here.


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