Twitter app to spy on users – collects data on which apps are installed

Twitter wants to provide its users with more relevant advertisements and contents and will therefore keep track of apps that users have installed on their phone.  It’s possible for users to disable the “feature” that collects the data.


Twitter calls the application data collection feature  “Twitter App Graph”. Information about the feature appeared on the Twitter support pages. According to the company they will collect a list of installed applications on smartphones and tablets where the Twitter app is installed. The company stresses that no data about usage of the apps is used.

By keep track of installed applications on a device Twitter hopes to provide more relevant advertisements to users. The company also thinks it can provide users with more relevant content suggestions based on the collected data. Previously the micro messaging service already started to show tweets and accounts that might be interesting to users.

Android and iOS developers have been able to collect information about  installed apps on a device for a long time. According to a spokesman of Google developers have to notify users when an app collects such data. Twitter has confirmed it will introduce the “App Graph” feature and states it will inform users when the feature will be enabled. It also confirms users can disable “App Graph” when they want.