UK store now offers a Sony HDTV with built-in PS2

In a move that has left gamers and consumers scratching their heads, a British electronics store is now selling a Sony Bravia HDTV that includes a built-in Sony PlayStation 2. Richer Sounds first started selling the Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 HDTVs to customers last week.

The TV doesn’t support 1080p, but it includes two Ethernet ports, 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, and the built-in PlayStation 2. Sony includes a DualShock controller and a traditional TV remote with purchase.

The idea behind selling a 22-inch HDTV with a built-in PS2 for $300 seems perplexing, especially with consumers focusing on the current generation Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii game consoles.

The Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 is available in the UK only, and there are no plans to launch the TV in the United States.

For customers looking to play their old PS2 and PS games, standalone PS2 consoles can still be found for about $100. However, Sony believes there is still a large enough market to test the waters with a 22-inch TV utilizing the aging game hardware that has more than 1,800 game titles.

TVs with integrated game consoles haven’t been popular, but the Sega Dreamcast was included in the Divers 2000 Series CX-1 HDTV. In the early 1980s, Sharp and Nintendo tried to develop the C1 NES TV for consumers — but it was clearly way ahead of its time.

Today, companies are willing to bundle consoles and HDTVs together, but the idea of integrating a game console into the TV seems unimpressive. Microsoft and Samsung briefly discussed an Xbox 360 unit in a Samsung TV, but nothing materialized of the discussion.