Whatsapp denies to permanently ban users using third-party apps

WhatsApp today released a statement on reports that users of third-party apps are permanently banned from using the messaging app. According to the company behind the software the reports are wrong and users are only asked to uninstall the unofficial third-party apps.


A spokesman of WhatsApp confirmed this to TechCrunch. Users who continue to use WhatsApp Plus, an unofficial WhatsApp client, remain banned from Whatsapp once they are banned. However as soon as the app is uninstalled and the official app is used, the ban is lifted, according to WhatsApp.

With the statement WhatsApp responds to the uproar from earlier this week. A German website reported that users of unofficial apps, like WhatsApp Plus, were permanently banned from using WhatsApp. The site reported WhatsApp blacklisted phone numbers of users, but WhatsApp denies this.

Earlier WhatsApp also took measures against users of unofficial apps. Back then the company temporarily banned WhatsApp Plus users, however these bans were lifted after 24 hours.