"Whatsapp will soon add option to disable privacy sensitive blue check marks"

Whatsapp will soon get the ability to turn off the blue checkmark read indicator, according to an alleged Beta tester of the application. German Ihlan Pektas previously posted unannounced information on Whatsapp and today tweeted the application will get the possibility to disable the read indicator.


Whatsapp released a new version last night with the feature. Two blue check marks show when an user has opened/read a message on the popular messaging service. The feature caused a lot of uproar amongst users because many don't want the sender to know when they've read their message.

It's currently possible to circumvent the blue check marks by reading messages in the lock screen, the notification bar or on a smartwatch or other accessory. Also apps like Pushbullet that pass on notification to the PC can be used as a temporary fix.

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