Windows 10 build 9901 leaks – contains Cortana, new look, Windows Store beta

Build 9901 of Windows 10 has been leaked on the internet and contains a lot of new features. The 3.8 ISO files is rapidly spreading on file sharing websites and we’re happy to provide you with nearly 30 screenshots of this brand new build.

One thing you’ll immediately notice is a search bar in the task bar. This bar can be used to search the computer and the internet but also gives quick access to Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant. In this build Cortana works (although it doesn’t answer questions yet) and settings can be changed.


Build 9901 looks pretty different from previous builds, a new background has been added and the overall look and feel has changed. The build contains a beta from a black Windows Store which also lists videos and music. Metro UI elements are styled differently including their splash screens.

Microsoft also added a new version of the Xbox app but it’s an early version, as the app indicates when it starts. The app shows the Xbox store, a friendlist, achievements and an activity feed.

It’s expected that Microsoft will introduce the Consumer Preview next month, the company has planned a press event at the end of January 2015.


Thanks for the tips Nick! Screenshots provided by Bav0

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