‘Windows 8.1 August Update failure only affected 0.01% of the systems’

Microsoft’s failing Windows 8.1 August Update / Update 2 which was withdrawn this week due to boot failures only affected 0.01% of all systems, according to a Microsoft employee. After the update some users were unable to boot their system or received a ‘Blue Screen of Death’.

The update could also cause issues with fonts in Windows. Besides the update for Windows 8.1, also a similar for update for Windows 7 was released with the same problems.

Microsoft confirmed the issue and posted information on their website to recover from the issues but for some users that doesn’t resolve their issues, leaving them with a PC that doesn’t boot.

Although these are serious issues, a forum post from an alleged Microsoft employee learns us that only 0.01 of the Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems were affected. The original thread has been removed but we made a screenshot in time.


The poster, Kurt Phillips appears to be a Microsoft employee indeed, on LinkedIn and the Microsoft Blog he appears as Group Program Manager in the Exchange Customer Experience Team.  He also states he’s not an official Microsoft spokesperson but appears to have some insider information.

He argues that although the chances that you’ll suffer from the earlier mentioned issues are small, the user experience is ‘horrible’ when it does strike you. The patch apparently contains a ‘fairly invasive change in font handling’ which the Microsoft developers thought they tested properly but that caused the problems.

He ends that although the issues with the patches are serious it needs to be seen in perspective as he writes, “Just wanted to clear up some of the hyperbole – Microsoft isn’t crumbling, all of our testers weren’t fired, etc. 99.99% success is pretty good in most jobs in this world, but clearly we need to strive for higher.”