Windows 9 Enterprise has no Metro interface, upgrade to Windows 9 free or $20

The Enterprise version of Windows 9 will come without the Metro interface, according to the well known Russian Microsoft leaker WZOR. The leaker also reveals that Windows 9 RT is in the works and that Windows 8.1 users can take advantage of a special offer to obtain Windows 9.


WZOR is well known for leaking information about Microsoft products long before their official release. Today the Russian group or individual that goes by the name WZOR has leaked several pieces of information on Windows 9.

WZOR starts with information that a special build of Windows 9 Enterprise (Technical Preview) has been released to testers and that Microsoft won't make a test version of Windows 9 Pro OEM available. Also a test version of Windows 9 RT has been created but it will only run on Microsoft's Surface 3.

Windows 8.1 users might receive either free access to Windows 9 or get a special offer to upgrade, WZOR also adds that users who bought a retail or OEM version of Windows 8 will be eligible for an upgrade to Windows 9 for around $20. Microsoft is also still struggling with large number of users that's still on Windows XP. The company has ended support for the OS and wants users to upgrade to one of its newer Windows versions. According to WZOR, Microsoft will have an "awesome" offer for Windows XP users to switch to Windows 9.

Windows 9 will also support 3D mode Ultra HD TVs and it allows for backing up and restoring data to the cloud.

Another interesting feature WZOR mention is that Microsoft is developing a feature that allows to virtualize backups of physical systems in the cloud.

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