Windows Phone market shares still disappointing – 11% in United States

Windows Phone currently has 11% of the market in the United State while in most other countries Microsoft’s mobile operating system doesn’t come close. Only in India, Brasil, Russia and Italy  with market shares of respectively 7.5%, 6.9%, 4.3% and 4.3%, the OS has a market share above 4%.



The numbers come from AdDuplex who serves advertisements to mobile phone applications. The company tracked 200,000  users on several apps and games installed  by users worldwide.

Windows Phone is by far the smallest mobile OS backed by a large technology giant. Somehow Microsoft isn’t able to convince users to switch to its OS. The company recently acquired Nokia which might have bough the company also some loyal Nokia buyers.

It’s estimated that Windows Phone has a global total market share of 3%, while Android is good for more than half the market. Apple’s IOS is mainly popular in developed countries, Apple’s OS has a global market share of only 10%.


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