WZOR leaks info about Windows 8.2, Windows 9 and cloud based OS

Russian pirate group WZOR leaked additional information about Windows 9 and another update to Windows 8.1. The group is considered a reliable source with a huge track record of leaking confidential information and downloads.

The group states Windows 8.2 might see the light this year, Windows 9 will introduce a new version of Metro, might be free and according to WZOR  Microsoft is working on a cloud based operating system (OS). According to WZOR there will be another update to Windows 8.1 this autumn.

The update will be similar to the Spring Update or Windows 8.1 Update 1 update released recently.  The  Autumn Update might be called Windows 8.1 Update 2 but could also end up as being released as Windows 8.2. WZOR claims that the name is yet undecided and is subject to a lot of discussion inside Microsoft.

Part of the Autumn Update will be the start menu Microsoft showed at the BUILD conference three weeks ago. Rumors said this start menu would be released in Windows 9 but  according to WZOR it will be part of the upcoming Autumn Update. myce-windows8.1-start-menu

Nevertheless, Windows 9 should contain a start button as well and according to WZOR it will be a component of a next generation of the Metro interface. In the classic form the start menu will be available on devices without a touchscreen and on server systems.

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On systems with a touchscreen, the start button should be a different concept. There are rumors that Windows 9 might become available at no cost however WZOR is not able to confirm this. The group states that reports on a free Windows 9 are ‘not consistent’ but the group also doesn’t disqualify them.

Besides Windows 9 Microsoft is also working on Windows Cloud.According to WZOR there is a group working on a prototype operating system where the client software will be free to download and additional functionality requires a subscription.

The functionality to download the OS resides in the system’s BIOS. Once installed Windows Cloud requires an internet connection for full functionality. In offline mode the OS would be similar to Microsoft’s budget operating system, Windows Starter.

Unfortunately WZOR is unable to provide more information, and the group states it has become more difficult to obtain confidential information. Recently a former Microsoft employee was arrested after leaking software to a journalist and Microsoft now ramped up their security which impacts sources of the group.