WZOR: Windows 9 RTM at the end of 2014

Russian leaker WZOR has posted information about Windows 9 again, revealing Windows 9 might be in the hands of some press and with some details on how Microsoft will distribute Windows 9.

According WZOR several online publications should have received Windows 9 yesterday but are not allowed to publish reviews and screenshots till September 30th. At that date there will also be a press event which Microsoft announced yesterday.


The version provided to the press will be automatically updated at September 30th and according to WZOR that update should activate several features of the operating system that weren’t available before the update.

According WZOR Microsoft would also plan to distribute enterprise versions (volume licensing) and retail Windows 9 OEM Pro for tablet and desktop PC in one distribution. The Windows 9 OEM Preview versions should only become available to high volume partners.

Microsoft will also likely change some of its activation policies. According to WZOR it will be possible to activate Windows 9 an unlimited amount of times on the same hardware. Also the amount of times it’s possible to (re)activate the license will be increased which should make it easier to transfer your Windows 9 from one PC to another.

WZOR also states that it’s unclear whether Windows 8 and possibly even Windows 7 users can upgrade for free to Windows 9.