4 Morning Exercises to Improve Each Day – Learn Them Now

We all aim to put work and responsibilities as first priorities. But, while giving priority to work, sleep and leisure, exercise often ends up on the back burner.

However, once you learn to kick start your day with a good morning routine, you will be surprised to see, how well the rest of the day goes.

In fact, morning workouts can make you feel fresh, energetic, and can keep you fit. Here are some of the benefits of a good morning workout to prove it is worth the effort. Continue reading to learn more.

4 Morning Exercises to Improve Each Day - Learn Them Now

Benefits of a Morning Workout

A good morning workout can elevate your mood and keep you feeling great the entire day. Many studies ascertain that exercise has a positive effect on individuals suffering from depression. 

It can also boost brain functioning. According to various research, a good workout regime can help prevent and manage various diseases, enhancing overall wellbeing. 

Your morning routine can increase your rate of metabolism, tone your muscles, and lead to weight loss. Having a fit physical self can come with its own benefits.

Camel Cat Stretch

After a good night’s rest, a nice little stretch is much needed to get your body moving. The camel cat stretch enhances spinal flexibility, stabilizes the abdominals, and is a great way to start warming up. 

How to do it: Start by kneeling on all four limbs. Then go ahead and round up your back, like a camel, slowly moving your head towards the pelvis. 

In the next step, lower your head and then lift it, until your lower back is arched. This is called the cat position. You can repeat this exercise about 4 or 5 times. One must make sure to do it slowly and smoothly with any jerks, gaining a nice rhythm. 

Single-Leg Glute Bridge

A lot of pains and aches develop in our bodies due to spending the entire day sitting at our desks. It results in lower back problems, bad postures, and weaker glutes and hamstrings. The single glute bridge is a great way to strengthen these muscles and the lower back. 

How to do it: One can get started by lying face up with the knees bent. Then go ahead and lift your right leg, extending it straight out. By pressing your left heel against the ground, lift your hips above the mat. Slowly lower down and return to starting position. 

You can then repeat the same with the other leg. Make sure to keep your knees in line and develop a smooth flowing sequence.


Push-ups are a good exercise for developing a strong upper body. They strengthen the shoulders and chest, forearms and triceps, and many other muscle groups. 

How to do it: To get started with push-ups, lie down with your face down and your body lifted at arm’s length. This is the starting position. Then you lower your body as you breathe in and then get back to starting position as you breathe out. 

When you do the push-ups, make sure to keep your hands in line with your shoulders. You can start by doing sets of 20 – 30 push-ups and then slowly build up as your stamina increases. 


4 Morning Exercises to Improve Each Day - Learn Them Now

Squats help to strengthen the leg muscles, ankles, hips, and knees giving you a strong and agile lower body. 

How to do it: To begin, stand by placing your feet apart, little more than your shoulder width and your arms out, in front of you. Then, go ahead and lower yourself, as if in an attempt to sit down, and stop when you reach a 90-degree angle. Rise back to starting position. 

You start by doing 2 – 3 sets of 15 push-ups each. And then add more sets as you go along. 


There is no point in postponing the benefits that one can get from early morning exercise! It is certainly worth the effort, and it can build a healthy body and mind. You can go about your day filled with energy, and you won’t miss that spring in your step!