AOpen DRW4410 (DVD+RW)


Review: AOpen DRW4410 (IDE)
Provided by: AOpen
Firmware: version 1.11
Manufactured: July 2003

As part of the Acer group AOpen manufactures a wide range of computer
components. From motherboards to computer monitors and from graphic cards to
communication solutions. A product group that AOpen is also active in is the
optical storage group, which of course includes CD-ROM, CD-RW and DVDRW

At the beginning of this year AOpen unveiled their first
DVD recorder, the DVRW2412Pro, a 2.4x DVD+R recorder which was based on the
Ricoh MP5125A DVD recorder. About six months later AOpen announced their second
DVD recorder, the DRW4410. AOpen’s second DVD recorder also supports the
DVD+R(W) recording format only and can write both DVD+R and DVD+RW media at 4x.
The DVD recorder can of course also be used to write CD-R(W) media with and it
can do so at 24x for CD-R and 10x for CD-RW.

Today, thanks to AOpen, we’ll be looking at the DRW4410 drive. Since the
drive was released several months ago it will be interesting to see if, despite
its age, it can keep up with today’s DVD recorders. Keep on reading to find out
if this is the case!

Test Machine:

For the tests we’ll be using the following configuration:


  • Motherboard: GigaByte GA-7VAXP
  • Processor: AMD AthlonXP 2100+
  • RAM: 512MB (PC2700)
  • GFX: ASUS V8200 (GeForce 3 Ti200)
  • Hard Disks: DiamondMax 40+30GB (7200rpm)
System set-up:

The AOpen DVD recorder was hooked up as Master to the (onboard) secondary
IDE-controller and identifies itself as “AOPEN DRW4410”. DMA (Direct
Memory Access) and autorun were enabled for every device.

Used Software:

The Dutch Windows XP Professional (SP1) operating system is installed on our
test machine. We’ll be using the following software to perform the various

On the next page of our review
we’ll take a look at the drive’s package, the drive itself and its
specifications and features.