Lite-ON 24/10/40X USB 2.0


Drive: Lite-On LXR-24101A
Speed: 24/10/40X USB 2.0
Reviewer: OC-Freak
Provided by: LiteON
Firmware: 8S01

Lite-On, one of the world’s largest producers of optical drives was kind enough to send us the external LXR-24101A 24/10/40X CD-RW drive for review.


Lite-On started their business in 1995, and in 1997 they opened a new factory in China. Lite-On IT was created in 1999 to focus on developing and producing Optical drives only. They quickly became one of the top brands both in the retail and especially on the OEM market. Mostly because of high quality products and attractive pricing strategy. In 2001 they joined forces with JVC, a Japanese manufacturer of optical components, to stay even stronger in the market.

The drive we will be reviewing is capable of writing at 24X speed, rewriting at 10X speed and read at 40X speed.
In this review we will compare the drive with other internal CD-RW drives.

Our test computer



  • Mainboard: Microstar K7T Turbo-R Limited Edition VIA KT133A
  • CPU: AMD Athlon 1,46GHz
  • Memory: 512Mb PC133
  • Harddisk: Seagate Barracuda ATA IV 40Gb and 80Gb 7200rpm ATA100 at a Promise fasttrack 100 IDE controller
  • USB Controller: NEC USB 2.0 Controller

System set-up:

DMA (Direct Memory Access) and Autorun were enabled for all devices and all devices had the newest firmware currently available.



  • OS: Windows XP Professional English with all updates from windowsupdate installed.
  • VIA 4in1 driver: Version 4.38

Used Software:

For the tests we will be using the following software:

  • Ahead Nero Burning ROM version
  • Ahead InCD version 3.28.0
  • Ahead Nero InfoTool version 1.01
  • Ahead Nero CD-Speed version 0.85e beta
  • Elaborate bytes CloneCD version
  • Exact Audio Copy version 0.9 beta 3
  • G&M CDR Identifier v1.63
  • An Chen Computers CD-Mate version
  • Feurio 1.65

Let us take a look at what the package contained…