Lite-On 40/12/48X CD-RW


Package content

Let us start with a few pictures of the drive:

The box is very similar to the LTR-32123S box. The box should be attractive enough so we don’t think Lite-On will loose any customers because of the box design. But let us open the box and see what we could find inside.

Here is what we found:

  • The drive.
  • An audio cable
  • 4 screws
  • A CD containing (sorted like how they appear on the CD):
    • Copy DOS drivers to floppy
    • Install Nero and InCD
      • Install Nero (version OEM, do only work with the drive it came shipped with).
      • Install Nero media player
      • Install InCD (Version, will only work if Nero is already installed)
    • CD-RW user’s manual
    • Install Acrobat reader
    • Readme
  • One blank Lite-On multispeed 700Mb/80min CD-R disc (Manufactured by Prodisc, phthalocyanine/short strategy)
  • One blank Lite-On 4-12X 700Mb/80min highspeed CD-RW disc (Manufactured by NAN-YA plastics)
  • A quick installation guide, which is just a large double-sided paper with a few illustrations and a few descriptions on various different languages.

It would have been nice to also include an IDE cable in case it was needed. Some other manufacturers do also include some more software and more empty discs but there is also those that includes less (No empty discs or cables). The quick installation guide shows the most basic steps on how to connect the drive and there is a 12 pages long manual on the CD. The manual on the CD does have some helpful tips but there is great room for improvement and we would have preferred a printed manual.

The drive:

Let us take a closer look at the drive:

Here is the well known Lite-On front. Seems like they decided not to change anything compared to their older writers, as the front is completely identical except the 40x12x48x writing.

The back of the drive, nothing new here either.

And here is the sticker on the top of the drive, manufactured in China, March 2002.


What we have here is a plain looking CD-RW drive, if you like them simple looking the Lite-On will fit your needs. But we would have liked a nicer design, other manufacturers like Asus have better looking faceplates on their drives. A plus for this drive is that it’s possible to buy a black faceplate to replace the standard whit faceplate, useful if you have a dark PC case.

Let us continue to the features of this drive…