LiteON 24/10/40 IDE

Audio performance next results:

The next test we perform is a very hard and intense test for any reader, eg. The advanced DAE test from CDspeed. You can find the program here:
To perform this test CDspeed makes a test-CDR that puts your drive to the max…


The advanced DAE test gives 100% so it is indeed a good performer…

This LiteOn performed very well in this severe DAE test and gets a final average of 26.20x.
The drive reads no data from the lead in and lead out in contrast with the plextor which does read it very far.
Because of the lesser DAE speed the drive is not recommended to perform as a reader in an ‘on the fly’ digital audio copy. Better make an image first and the LiteOn will give you flawless performance.

You can see that Plextor has a aster DAE extraction.



  • This new LiteOn has a very good and accurate accurate digitale audio-extraction.
    Under the right circumstances (reading at low speed) LiteOn delivers extrme quality.
  • The DAE speed is a little lower than the competition.
  • The LiteOn doesn’t read any data from the leadin and lead out according to our audio tests.

So far the audio tests. Now it’s time for the writing tests.

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