LiteON 24/10/40 IDE



This LiteOn has a few special specefications that makes it possible to record at 24x.

Though it says that the drive writes at 24x, it doesn’t do this over the total lenght of the disc.
The inner sectors have a smaller density than the outer ones wich make it very hard to record on the inner sectors at 24x. What happens in the inner sectors?

The technologie LiteON uses is ZONE-CLV. This stands for Zone-Constant Linear Velocity. It means that a certain zone on the disc is written at a constant speed. Shortly – This LiteOn begins to burn the first 6 minutes of a disc at 16-speed. Between 6 min and 16 min LiteON increases the speed up to 20x. After this it will complete the disc at 24x (from the 16th min till the end of the disc). This means that the average writing speed is somewhere around 22x.

Zone-CLV example

Smart Monitoring & Adapting Recording Technology for BURNing

This new smartburn technology is similar to the burnProof feature from Plextor. The technology of smartburn is needed to write at such high speeds.

SMART-BURN features:

  • Buffer Under Run Error Free
  • Running Optimum Power Calibration
  • Automatic Writing Strategy & Burning Parameters
  • Automatically decrease burning speed when Laser power over margin due to poor media quality or high temperature.

Smart Monitoring & Adjusting Read-speed Technology for eXtraction

This technology is invented to increase the readability of audio and VCD cd’s. This special type of cd’s don’t have a very good error-correction sheme. SmartX will prefent serious faults in reading.

Ideal to perform safe extractions


This LiteON has a lot of features which makes it possible to write at such high speeds.

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