LiteON 24/10/40 IDE

Speed test 2

To measure the drive speed again we took a second benchmark utility called NeroCDSPEED from ERIC DEPPE. CDspeed has a more tweaks than Transferspeed.


The test with F22 Lightning3 gave us the folowing results:

The average reading speed is almost 31x which is a very good result for a cdrw-drive…


The speed at wich the drive starts to read – The bigger the better.

The reading speed at the end of the CD – The bigger the better.

The seektimes of this LiteOn are superb.



  • The LiteON is a very good reader and performs very well.
  • Though it must give the first price away to Plextor…
  • The seektimes are outstanding.
  • The latest firmware gives a little performance improvement.

Next subject is the laserlock protection…

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