LiteON 24/10/40 IDE

The folowing tests will give the reading results with CloneCD.

This is the screen you are getting with CloneCD V3.1.1.0


With Clony we can recognize the type of CD-protection.


The first game that we test thoroughly is Descent III.


As you can see the typicale laserLock ring is clearly visible

Clony detected that the CD was protected with LaserLock. Handy are the read-settings we are getting for CloneCD with this utility. However we would like to see also the read-setting from other program’s here…

Clony recognizes Descent III as LaserLock


In a filemanager we can see the hidden LaserLock directory…

The unreadable sectors from LaserLock…

Conclusion LaserLock:

This LiteOn reads LaserLock protected cd’s faster than Plextor. But this is only one of the few protections that LiteOn reads faster than Plextor. The result though is one of the best results around. It is a pitty that LaserLock isn’t used that frequently like other protections.

Let’s take a look at the next subject: SafeDisc.

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